Light salad without mayonnaise for dinner: how to make a healthy dish

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Healthy salad
Healthy Salad


If you want a light and tasty dinner, the perfect option would be a healthy salad. For the base you can use any vegetables, and to make the dish more filling, add chicken fillet, shrimp, any cheese.

Tasty Salad

Culinarian Anna shared on Instagram a recipe for a delicious, easy vegetable salad with filet and a tasty dressing.

Salad recipe


  • chicken fillet - 1 pc.
  • lettuce leaves - 1 package
  • cherry tomatoes - 10 units
  • cheese - 100 g
  • orange - 1 pc.
  • cucumbers - 1 pc.

Method of preparation:

1. Marinade for the fillets: mix oil, soy sauce, paprika, curry, dried garlic, salt.

Filet for salad

2. Cut the fillet into 2 pieces, marinade it in the sauce, leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then fry it in oil until tender on both sides. Cut into slices.

3. Peel and slice the orange.

Orange for salad

4. Salad dressing: mix vegetable oil, soy sauce, pomegranate sauce, teriyaki, unagi, lemon juice, honey, French mustard.

Sauce for the dish

5. Place lettuce leaves on a plate, top with chopped tomatoes, cucumber, orange and top with chopped fillets, pour sauce.

Finished salad

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