Just like in childhood: real oatmeal cookies with a minimum of ingredients

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Recipe for oatmeal cookies
Recipe for oatmeal cookies. Source: pexels.com

Oatmeal cookies are one of the most delicious confectionery products that many people associate with childhood. But it's still best not to buy them, but to try to make a safe tea treat at home from natural products.

How to bake delicious oatmeal cookies at home

Cook Liza Hlynska shared on Instagram a recipe for real, delicious, and most importantly, safe oatmeal cookies that take 18 minutes to bake.

Recipe for oatmeal cookies


  • eggs – 100 g
Chicken eggs and flour
  • oatmeal – 200 g
  • flour – 200 g
  • sugar – 200 g
How to choose natural butter
  • butter – 200 g
  • baking powder – 10 g
Baking powder for dough
  • vanilla sugar and cinnamon – 10 g
Cocoa powder
  • cocoa powder – 10 g
  • salt – a pinch

Method of preparation:

1. Beat soft butter with sugar and eggs.

Preparing the dough

2. Add the flour, salt, oatmeal, vanilla sugar, and baking powder to the ready-made mixture and mix thoroughly.


3. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Recipe for oatmeal and flour cookies

4. After that, make balls 4 cm in diameter with your hands, press them down a little, and place them on a baking sheet.

How to make delicious oatmeal cookies

5. Bake the cookies in a preheated oven at 170 °C for 15-18 minutes.

Ready-made cookies

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