Is it possible to drink coffee and tea with food: expert answers

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Coffee is a beverage that is consumed by more than two billion people in the world every morning. It is worth noting that coffee contains a number of organic acids (malic, citric) that can stimulate the production of gastric juice, as well as caffeine, which also stimulates the production of gastric juice and can increase acidity, so coffee is not suitable for everyone, especially people with stomach ulcers.

How to make delicious coffee

Nutritionist Tetiana Paseka shared on Instagram who can and cannot drink coffee, and whether it is possible to wash down food with coffee and tea.

Delicious coffee with cocoa

Who shouldn't drink coffee and why:

"People who have increased gastric juice secretion (it is not advisable to drink coffee in the morning)," the expert said.

Coffee also affects the nervous system

How to make coffee taste good

"Coffee tones up the nervous system, this is due to the fact that caffeine occupies receptors that are affected by a substance similar to coffee - adenosine (it inhibits the nervous system), coffee, occupying the same receptors, accordingly, takes away the inhibitory effect and causes an exciting effect. Over time, the number of receptors increases and, accordingly, the dose of coffee is already small, so the person increases the dose of coffee. If a person abruptly stops drinking coffee, adenosine occupies all the receptors and the inhibitory effect increases, hence the excessive drowsiness," the nutritionist said.

Useful properties of coffee:

Delicious brewed coffee

"In 2016, coffee was removed from the list of potentially carcinogenic compounds and added to the list of substances with anti-tumor effects. Now coffee is recognized as an element of a healthy diet! Coffee contains phenolic compounds, chlorogenic acids, which act as an antioxidant and protect liver and brain cells from oxidation," the expert said.

Safe dose of caffeine

Flavored coffee

"This is 400-500 mg per day. One cup of natural coffee contains 50-160 mg of caffeine. The number of cups determines the strength of the drink," the expert added.

The nutritionist added that you should not wash down food with tea and coffee, but preferably drink it 15-20 minutes after a meal or in between meals!

How to make coffee taste even better

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