How to properly fry potatoes so that they are crispy, not burned and do not fall apart: recipe and tips

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Fried potato recipe
Fried potato recipe. Source:

Potatoes are a product that everyone eats, and they are used to make various dishes, from mashed potatoes to casseroles and pies. Potatoes are also often fried, stewed, and baked with vegetables. It is worth noting that very often when fried, potatoes stick to the pan, burn and turn out soggy inside. But this can be avoided if you know a few cooking secrets.

How to properly cook potatoes in a skillet

Cook Victoria (cook_with_me_at_home ) shared a recipe on Instagram for fried potatoes with a crispy crust that won't stick to the bottom of the pan.

Potato recipe

The secrets of cooking potatoes: cut the potatoes into cubes and soak them in cold water for 20-30 minutes. Heat a frying pan well, pour oil and pour potatoes into the hot oil, fry without stirring, then stir gently and cover!

Delicious fried potatoes


  • potatoes - 1-1.1 kg
Potatoes for frying
  • salt - 1.5 tsp
  • oil - 70-80 ml
Sunflower oil
  • salt, spices - to taste

Method of preparation:

1. Cut the peeled and washed potatoes into slices. Add salt and mix well.

Potatoes for frying

2. Heat a frying pan, add oil, heat well and put the potatoes (there may be moisture on the bottom, which the potatoes will release, so do not pour it into the oil), cover and cook for 15 minutes, but do not stir.

Potatoes with salt

3. Next, remove the lid and turn up the heat to high. When the potatoes are well browned on the bottom, gently turn them over, then turn them over 2 more times, making sure that the bottom is browned but not burned.

How to fry potatoes correctly

Sprinkle the finished potatoes with chopped dill and green onions!

Ready-made fried potatoes

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