How to fry food properly so that it is not harmful: 3 tips from an expert

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Fried bacon
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One of the fastest ways to cook any food is to fry it. But we all often forget how to cook food in this way so that it does not become unhealthy.

Fried chops

Nutritionist Anastasiia shared useful tips on how to fry food properly and what oil to use so that it does not turn into poison on Instagram.

Tips from a nutritionist

1. You need to choose the right oil for frying

"The right oil is the one that can withstand high temperatures and does not become toxic. For example, avocado oil, coconut oil, ghee, and various refined oils," the expert noted.

Vegetable oil

2. Cook food without a crust

"In science, this phenomenon is called the Maillard reaction. The darker the crust, the more toxic products of this very reaction it contains. It's very tasty, but try to eat food cooked in this way as little as possible!" the nutritionist said.

Fried chicken fillet with vegetables and rice

3. The right frying pan

"The most convenient way to fry something and do no harm is to use a non-stick frying pan. Firstly, everything will cook perfectly without oil, and secondly, modern manufacturing technologies allow for proper temperature distribution, so there is every chance to cook food without a crust!" the expert summarized.

Preparing food

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