Hake in sauce for a healthy and tasty dinner: the fish will be very juicy

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Fish recipe. Source: foodandwine.com

Hake is a very budget-friendly and tasty fish that can be baked, fried, or cooked with marinade and vegetables. To prevent the fish from being hard, it should be cooked under a lid.

How to cook hake deliciously

The cook shared on Instagram a recipe for a delicious fish with a very juicy sauce.

Fish recipe


  • hake - 1.5 kg (11 pcs.)
  • satsebeli sauce - 485 g
  • salt - 1 tsp
  • oil - 180 ml
  • vinegar, wine - 100 ml, if ordinary - 80 ml
  • sugar - 160 g
  • boiled water - 250 ml
  • flour for frying fish
  • onions - 4-6 pcs.

Method of preparation:

1. Peel the fish (scales, fins, back, belly, and be sure to remove the black film inside so that it does not become bitter), and cut into medium pieces.

Fish for the dish

2️. Cut the onion into half rings, you can take more than 4-6 pieces, and the onion will be marinated in the sauce.

How to cook fish deliciously

3️. For the sauce for the fish, mix: boiled water, salt, sugar, vinegar, oil, satsebeli sauce and beat everything well with a blender until smooth.

Sauce for fish

4️. Dredge the fish pieces in flour, put them in a hot frying pan with oil, and fry until cooked.

Fried fish

5️. Put it in the pan: 1 layer - onions, 2 layer - fish, onions again, fish, and so on until you run out of ingredients. Pour the sauce over the top, close the lid, and put it in the refrigerator so that the fish marinates well with the onions.

Ready fish in sauce

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