Do eggs raise cholestirin levels and how many of them can you eat in a day: unexpected answers from an expert

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Chicken eggs
Chicken eggs. Source: pixabay.com

Chicken eggs are a very popular and tasty product that is added to almost all dishes from omelets and baked goods to salads. Eggs are even used to make drinks.

Chicken eggs

Nutritionist Svitlana Fus shared on Instagram the benefits and harms of chicken eggs, as well as how many you can eat per day without harming your body.

How many eggs can you eat in a day

"Eggs don't raise cholesterol levels because cholesterol that enters the body with food is not deposited in the blood vessels. Only our own cholesterol, which is produced by the liver, is deposited. Eggs, on the contrary, affect the reduction of 'bad' cholesterol, thanks to lecithin!" the expert answered.

How to cook eggs properly

Fus added that eggs are one of the most valuable foods. They boost the immune system, help fight against adverse environmental influences, infections and stress, normalize metabolism, and help the expectant mother bear a healthy baby.

The benefits and harms of chicken eggs

Who should not eat eggs

"They can cause allergies. Intolerance can be different: only to yolks, only to proteins, or both. Allergy sufferers should be sure to keep track of 'hidden' eggs in food," the expert explained.

Who should not eat chicken eggs

Eggs can also carry salmonella

"Therefore, it is best to eat them only cooked. Avoid recipes with raw eggs if you are not sure of their origin, fry eggs until the yolk is set, and cook eggs for at least two minutes!" Fus says.

How to check eggs for freshness

The daily norm of eggs is 1-2 eggs per day!

How many eggs can you eat per day

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