Delicious and healthy herring pate: what to add to the appetizer for a bright taste

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Appetizer recipe. Source: depositphotos.com

Herring is a very healthy and tasty fish that can be eaten as an appetizer, as well as added to salads, spreads, and pates.

Delicious pickled herring

Cook Yulia shared a recipe for a delicious herring pate with onions and apples on Instagram.

Pate recipe


  • herring - 190 g
  • shallots - 40 g
  • apples - 45 g
  • egg (boiled) - 1 pc.
  • oil - 40 g

Method of preparation:

1. Peel the apple and cut it into pieces, as well as herring and onions. Add butter, boiled eggs and beat until smooth.

Herring pate

2. Serve the paste with bread!

Sandwiches with pate

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