Delicate cottage cheese casserole that can be eaten overnight: prepared without flour

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Ready casserole
Ready casserole. Source: screenshot from a YouTube video

Cottage cheese can be used to make not only syrnyky and dumplings, but also delicious pies and casseroles. For a bright taste, it is best to add berries, fruits, nuts, and chocolate to the base.

Delicious cottage cheese casserole

The cook shared a recipe for a delicious cottage cheese casserole with berries and semolina instead of flour on Instagram.

Recipe for casserole


  • cottage cheese - 500 g
  • sweetener/sugar - 40 g
  • eggs - 3 pcs.
  • vanilla extract/sugar
  • semolina - 3.5 tbsp
  • baking powder - 7 g (1 tsp)
  • salt - a pinch
  • berries

Method of preparation:

1. Combine all the ingredients except blueberries in a bowl and beat with a blender to avoid lumps of cottage cheese.

Cheese mass

2. Add the berries, mix and spread into the baking dish, level and top with berries if desired.

Preparing the curd base for the dessert

3. Bake in the oven first at 160 C for 30 minutes, and then at 180 C for about 15-20 minutes, until golden brown.

How long to bake the casserole

Let cool completely and remove from the pan.

Ready cottage cheese casserole

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