You can't mop floors with old T-shirts and towels: we explain why

Old T-shirts and towels are not suitable for cleaning from different points of view

Despite the fact that there is now a huge selection of different cleaning devices available, many people continue to use their old clothes or home textiles, in particular t-shirts and towels, as rags. It is especially common to wash the floors.

However, folk omens say that this is a bad idea. OBOZREVATEL looked into the nuances of superstition. And not only.

What does esotericism say

Cleaning from the esoteric point of view is a very important process, because it does not just clean the dirt out of the house, but also helps the energy to circulate better. That is why experts do not recommend using things that have expired their service life for this purpose.

This practice is especially bad for unmarried girls. It is believed that if the house is cleaned with old things, it dooms them to loneliness. In addition, such use of things can bring illness and pain to all inhabitants of the house.

Separately, it has a negative effect on the family's financial situation. It is believed that any cleaning tools and supplies should be bought so as not to bring poverty. A rag made from an old T-shirt violates this rule.

It's just not practical

The materials used to make clothing are not designed to properly absorb and release water. Therefore, they will not effectively remove dirt from surfaces, and some fabrics with added synthetics will simply smear dirt.

In addition, things during use collect a lot of bacteria. Among them can be quite dangerous, such as E. coli. Therefore, to clean the floor and wipe the surfaces qualitatively, without streaks and water stains, it is necessary to use special tools.

Previously OBOZREVATEL told you how best to clean the floor made of different materials - wood, laminate, vinyl.

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