Windows will be perfectly clean and transparent: the French way of cleaning

Vinegar has a specific smell, so you will need to ventilate the room after washing the windows.

Spring is the right time to wash windows after a long winter to let in as much sunlight as possible. The French believe that this should be done without unnecessary chemicals - even an all-natural product can clean glass to complete transparency.

According to Merci+ magazine, only white vinegar is needed for thorough window cleaning. It's cheaper than factory products, but it cleans well and is no less effective.

To prepare a glass cleaning solution, take 3 parts hot water and 1 part vinegar. Apply the liquid with a soft cloth or a spray bottle. If there are stubborn stains on the glass, you should either lightly wipe the glass several times with a cloth without pressing on the window, or leave the product for a few minutes. Vinegar dissolves all the dirt typical of windows.

After that, wipe off the remaining liquid with a rubber scraper and wipe the window dry with a lint-free cloth. A microfibre cloth is best.

It is best to clean windows in the French way on a warm day when you can ventilate the room well after cleaning. Vinegar has a rather specific smell and it will take some time to remove it, albeit a short time.

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