Which indoor flowers calm the nerves and improve mood: a list

Pilea, jasmine and aloe vera can reduce the stress level of their owner.

Technically, any houseplant you like can alleviate the symptoms of stress. After all, living greenery and even quality artificial plants have a calming effect on us just by their appearance. So does all contact with wildlife. Therefore, growing houseplants is advised as a hobby for people prone to anxiety and mood swings. But some houseplants are more effective in this case than others. Therefore, before you get yourself a green anti-stress in a pot, it is worth asking what plants calm the nerves.

Ugaoo blog dedicated to home greenery has collected a list of such plants. For the most part, they are unpretentious in care and will suit even inexperienced flower growers.


You're probably used to seeing it in your salad. And basil leaves do give unusual flavor notes to dishes. However, this herb can also work as a living adaptogen. All thanks to its pleasant, tonic-boosting flavor, which also improves mood and can even regulate sleep. So this season, plant basil in a pot and put it on your windowsill.


The indoor jasmine can delight the eye with beautiful white flowers with an exquisite fragrance. Their smell improves mood, gives a sense of calm, relieves fatigue and stress, helps increase productivity. Essential oil of jasmine is recommended to use during meditations. And live flowers will work even better for this.

Aloe vera.

The popular succulent is prized for the anti-inflammatory properties of its sap. But at the same time, it can also effectively purify the air, which helps those who inhale it to relax. A high level of oxygenation always helps to overcome stress. Place a plant near your workplace and breathe deeply when you feel stressed.


Different kinds of sans-sieria are good for different spaces. They are completely undemanding in terms of temperature, light and watering frequency. It looks extremely stylish and can decorate even the most simple interior, which is already a reason to rejoice. Who does not like the comfort of home? It also grows quite quickly, and it's already a pleasure to see the results of your efforts. And the sans-sieria is also an efficient air filter. We can put it in the bedroom to improve the quality of our sleep.


Again an aromatic and anti-stress plant. Lavender tea, bath and scented oil are recommended for anyone who has trouble falling asleep. However, the plant can be grown in a pot and get not a temporary but a permanent effect of its incredible smell. In rare cases, it can even have a positive effect on blood pressure levels and heart rate.


We consider this flower a wildflower, but it grows quite well in a pot as well. The scent of chamomile is not as pronounced as that of lavender, but its effect is quite similar. At the same time chamomile can be placed in the bedroom. It is because of its barely noticeable smell.

Areca palm.

This plant is also a great air filter that helps relieve stress. It also optimizes the humidity level in the room, and a favorable environment is always good for the emotional state. And it grows very quickly with low maintenance and makes the owner happy. Already in a short time you will get a lush crown, which itself will become a whole mini-forest in the house. Just provide it with good lighting.

English ivy

A plant native to Europe, without loss to itself will decorate even a dark room, making its appearance less depressing and more joyful, full of life. English ivy is also capable of reducing the amount of mold spores in the air, which also affects emotional well-being.


The ancestral properties of the peleia have long been noticed by feng shui masters, attributing to it the ability to align the flow of qi energy. In fact, the secret of the plant is its ability to purify the air and its beautiful appearance. As it grows, the peleia descends from the pot with a smooth cascade of round leaves. Its forms are designed by nature to evoke a sense of tranquility.


Rounding out the top ten is another aromatic plant with a calming scent. The scent of rosemary can tone you up and improve your mood. The plant will help you concentrate and relieve feelings of tension. And its leaves can be added to dishes and drinks from time to time.

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