What plants will save your home from dust: cleaning will become much easier

Dieffenbachia, English ivy and Chamaedorea seifrizii will cleanse the air in the house of dust

Dust in the house can be controlled not only by regular cleaning. Houseplants can help in this matter. According to experts, species with large, shiny and waxy leaves that have a large surface for trapping dust are best suited for this task. Just like in the open air, they capture these microscopic particles and refresh the atmosphere.

OBOZREVATEL has collected several options for such plants that will help purify the air at home. Most of them do not require complicated care and absolutely all of them absorb harmful gases. However, you will have to wipe their leaves from time to time so that they do not lose their beauty and functionality.

Phoenix roebelenii

The exotic-looking palm tree is an excellent air filter that removes formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and styrene vapours along with dust. The plant's purification capacity varies depending on the light intensity and increases at high temperatures and humidity.

Ficus elastica

The foliage of this plant is perhaps the standard for a natural dust absorber. They actively trap dust particles and other hard particles. To help the plant with this task, spray it daily. This will simultaneously clean the ficus and increase the effectiveness of dirt sticking to it.


All types of ivy are effective in removing dust. The most popular option among plant lovers is English ivy. It is effective even in dark, cool and humid rooms and removes volatile organic compounds, toluene, octane, benzene and trichloroethylene from the air.


This plant with long, narrow leaves of light green colour looks very delicate and defenceless. But in fact, it is a champion of air purification. It can easily absorb almost 95% of the toxic substances that can be present in the atmosphere of the house. Include regular spraying in your simple chlorophytum care routine. This will make it look even better and be more effective.


In addition to dust, the flower can absorb mould spores and other pollutants. Make sure that your flower is as comfortable as possible, so that its absorption capacity is at its highest. How can you find out? It's very simple - if the spathiphyllum is blooming, it means that it is doing well and performing its job 100%.


Even though the leaf area of the "dollar tree" is much smaller than that of the ficus elastica, it cleans the air just as well. zamioculcas catches all the smallest particles that are unlucky enough to get into its range. At the same time, the plant is indifferent to light and humidity and easily tolerates a periodic lack of watering.

Chamaedorea seifrizii

In general, any palm trees that come from regions where there is a lot of dust and sand in the air can retain this type of pollution. But chamaedorea is one of the most compact species, so it will feel good even in a small area.


The Chinese herb will give the best results in interaction with chamaedorea. The exotic green neighbours enhance each other's absorption capacity and cope well not only with dust and particulate matter in the air, but also with harmful gases.


The heart-shaped leaves of this vine quickly become covered with dust. That's because the wide, shiny leaves effectively attract fine particles. That is why epipremnum should be sprayed at least from time to time and given a "bath" with wiping the leaves. He will thank you for this by improving the home atmosphere.


The variegated leaves of this plant do not show traces of its tireless work, but dieffenbachia is one of the most skilful in the fight against dust. It will cleanse the atmosphere well even in a room with windows facing a busy road. For this, it will require regular "bathing" - spraying and wiping the leaves.

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