Throw them away immediately! Five models of trousers that have long gone out of fashion. Photo

It is worth looking at your wardrobe
It is worth looking at your wardrobe

Trousers are a must-have wardrobe item that is worn all year round. That's why the fashion for different styles changes every season.

This year, it is recommended to give up any tight models and give preference to wide oversized trousers. OBOZREVATEL tells you what trousers you should get rid of in 2023.

  • Breeches
Breeches have long been out of fashion.

In the 2010s, breeches were a must-have in the summer wardrobe, but 10 years have passed since then. If you wear them today, you will see how short trousers spoil the proportions and make the outfit look cheap. A trendy alternative is Bermuda shorts or knitted cycling bottoms.

  • Galife pants
Galife pants are not in fashion.

Galife pants have been popular for a long time. This style tightened the legs and widened at the hips. This contrast deforms the figure, so you should definitely give them up.

  • Low-rise short trousers
Short trousers are not in fashion.

Fashionable low-rise trousers are very popular nowadays. However, you should pay attention to the length of the legs. If it is much higher than the ankle, it visually reduces your height. Few people will like this effect, especially if you are a short girl.

  • Printed trousers
Printed trousers are an anti-trend.

Print usually goes out of fashion quickly. Therefore, printed trousers can be in fashion for only one season, and then go to the list of anti-trends. Today, trousers with large and bright prints are not in fashion. Oversized patterns look cheap, especially when there are too many of them.

  • Culottes
Culottes are no longer in fashion.

Short, wide, high-waisted trousers were a stylish dream of girls for several years in a row. Now culottes are out of fashion and have lost their relevance, because they visually shorten legs, even the longest ones.

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