"This is a different person": Conchita Wurst surprised fans with a radical change of image. Photo.

Conchita Wurst has radically changed her image

The popular Austrian singer Tom Neuwirth, better known by his female alter ego Conchita Wurst, who won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, surprised his fans with a dramatic change of image. The drag queen appeared in front of her fans in a masculine look with a new hairstyle.

Only Conchita Wurst's famous thick beard remained unchanged. Fresh photos appeared on the star's Instagram page.

The performer is obviously gradually abandoning his female alter ego. More and more often he appears in front of the public as Tom Neuwirth, not Conchita Wurst. This time, the artist not only took off the bright costumes he likes to shock on stage, but also experimented with his hairstyle.


The singer got a perm and also cut his bangs. If you compare the new photos with the previous ones, you will also notice that Neuwirth has lightened his hair a little - from black, it has turned into brown. And the celebrity's beard no longer looks perfectly black - grey hairs have appeared there, which the drag queen obviously does not plan to hide.


"The era of the hot summer girl," the star unusually captioned the photo.


Fans literally did not recognise the bright winner of Eurovision 2014. In the comments, they wrote: "It's a different person", "New hair... Who is this?", "I hope you haven't said goodbye to the girl image forever", "Gorgeous! In both looks".


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