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What jeans are not suitable for women 40+

Jeans and pants are an important and indispensable part of every woman's closet. Designers are constantly experimenting with the style of this part of the wardrobe, adding volume, changing the height of the waist or the length of the pants, so we have a lot of choice.

However, not all models are universal: some of them can add extra pounds, make the figure less tall and older. OBOZREVATEL will tell you what types of pants successful women try to avoid in their wardrobe, because they can worsen the appearance.

Low-waisted pants

For women aged 40+, it is not recommended to choose low-waisted pants, as this style does not reflect the status of the wearer and can make the look incomprehensible. The low waist is a popular trend that has been around since the 2000s, and many women are inspired by the looks of Jennifer Aniston, Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton. However, not everyone notices that this cut defaces the proportions of the figure and visually shortens the legs. It is better to choose pants with a high waist, which thanks to their perfect cut will emphasize the hips and advantageously emphasize the silhouette.


Ripped jeans

It is important for women over 40 to be able to emphasize their figure and look feminine and elegant. Unfortunately, ripped jeans will not help to achieve this goal, but only emphasize age-related changes and create an obscene image. This style too reveals legs, and disordered rips and flaws look unaesthetic. It is better to choose universal models, such as straight pants with a high waist - they are the perfect classic options that will emphasize the hips and visually elongate the legs.



At one time capri were very popular and worn by the most stylish girls. However, in 2023, it is time to part with them forever, even in your home closet. You should be wary of this model, because the wrong length of the pants, which ends in the middle of the shin, creates a visual effect of short legs. Also, the fitted silhouette makes your figure look disproportionate. If you want something tight, consider skinny pants, which are now back on the main fashion catwalks. They can be stylishly combined with high boots and a long wool coat.



There is an opinion that culottes are difficult to choose so that they look spectacular and favorable on your figure - but it is not so. The shortened length of pants can distort the proportions, and a wide cut can give volume to the hips. Thus, for plus size women it is better to choose models with a high waist in a classic length.



All women want their clothes to emphasize the advantages of the figure and accurately hide all the disadvantages, while being stylish and versatile. However, breeches are not quite suitable for the above-mentioned parameters. Because their silhouette is cut in such a way that they visually increase the size of hips. In addition, some styles have long been outdated and look cheap and unsightly. Therefore, it is better to abandon them in favor of jeans-boyfriends, tight-fitting hips and expanding to the ankles, not violating the proportions.


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