There are already two countries ahead. Ukraine has fallen in the bookmakers' ranking of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 winner

Ukraine has lost its place in the betting table

Bookmakers have updated their bets on the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, which has caused Ukraine to lose its 2nd place in the ranking to Italy. No one dropped out of the top three, only the chances of winning changed: the leading Croatia lost 2%.

Ukraine is still in the top 5 with a 12% chance of winning the crystal microphone, while the Croatian band Baby Lasagna is only 4% ahead of Italy, which jumped from 4th place to 2nd with the song Angelina Mango - La noia in March. This was reported on the Eurovision World website.

Ukraine lost its second place to Italy.

Currently, the top five leaders look like this:

1st place. Croatia - 18%. Baby Lasagna - Rim Tim Tagi Dim.

2nd place. Italy - 14%. Angelina Mango - La noia.

3rd place. Ukraine - 12%. alyona alyona & Jerry Heil - Teresa & Maria.

4th place. Switzerland - 9%. Nemo - The Code.

5th place. The Netherlands - 7%. Joost Klein - Europapa.

On February 11, it became known that singer Angelina Mango would perform on the stage of Malmö, Sweden, on behalf of Italy, and since then she has been competing with representatives of Ukraine and Switzerland. Her track "La noia" has already crossed the 40 million mark on Spotify and 20 million views on YouTube, and this figure is growing rapidly.

Instead, Ukraine lost its 1st place back on February 29, and the chance of getting the crystal microphone has decreased from 14% to 12%. The Ukrainian duo alyona alyona & Jerry Heil is now in third place and has every chance to break through. In total, the contest song Teresa & Maria has garnered 20 million views on YouTube and 6.8 million plays on Spotify.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Eurovision 2024 is to be held in Malmö, Sweden. Traditionally, the song contest will be divided into 2 semifinals and the final. Ukraine will perform in the first semi-final under the fifth seed.

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