The star of "House 2" went to fight in Ukraine, where his wife is from

Alexander Zadoynov from "House-2" went to war

Alexander Zadoynov, a former participant of the scandalous Russian project "House-2", signed a contract for military service and went to fight at the front in Ukraine. The most absurd thing is that the newly minted occupier was supported by his wife Ksenia, a native of Ukraine. The woman said that despite her roots, she was very proud of her husband and grateful to him for his "protection".

The former Ukrainian woman wished the invader husband, with whom she had recently planned to divorce, victory. She said this in a comment to the propaganda media.

Zadoynov is a father of many children. According to Ksenia, she "begged" him not to become a terrorist who would kill Ukrainians and destroy once peaceful cities, but he still decided to "pay his debt to his homeland."

"My Sasha is from Yaroslavl, and many people know him from the House 2 project, but not only that. He acted a lot in movies and music videos. Sasha served in the army and from the first days of the ATO he wanted to go to the front line, but our daughter Sonia had just been born, so I stopped him, begged him not to go anywhere... He was very worried, because my husband is a patriot of the Motherland... All the family is overwhelmed with pride, but also with fear for his life. I'm very worried about his fate," his ex-pat wife proudly says about the newly-made murderer and rapist.

The star of ''House 2'' went to fight in Ukraine, where his wife is from

Ksenia was planning to divorce Alexander, but he went to the front, so the divorce process was put on hold. Now the woman tries to speak only with admiration about the man she intended to leave a few months ago.

"Sasha and I had been talking about divorce for a long time, it was my initiative, I hoped that we could come to a common opinion. When he went to the front line, I realized that I had to withdraw my application because it was inhuman," Ksenia said.

The star of ''House 2'' went to fight in Ukraine, where his wife is from

And to avoid any questions about Ksenia's Ukrainian past, she emphasized several times in the interview that she loves Russia and is happy to live there.

"I have Ukrainian blood in me, but I've been a Russian for 20 years, and I'm proud of that. We don't know the whole truth of what is happening there. But Sasha and his fellow soldiers are protecting us. Sasha found the strength to leave his life behind and go to the front line. He is a true patriot and did not hide," said the occupier's wife.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Valeria Tkacheva, a native of the Ukrainian city of Luhansk, a disgraced former participant of the scandalous Russian reality TV show "Dom-2", better known online as Lera Frost, shared her sick fantasies about the occupation of her native country on RosTV. The former Ukrainian, who became a propagandist and adores dictator Vladimir Putin, dreams of Russia taking over Kyiv, as well as the south and east of Ukraine. Read more in our article. 

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