The second semi-final of Eurovision 2023 is over: how bookmakers' bets have changed

On Thursday, May 11, Liverpool hosted the second semifinal of Eurovision 2023, in which representatives from 16 countries took part. But only 10 of them made it to the final, where they will compete for the crystal microphone. Bookmakers have not changed their opinion about the potential triumphant of this year - Loreen - representative of Sweden is predicted to win with an odds of 50%.

OBOZREVATEL offers to find out if the analysts' bets have changed after the second semi-final. The rating is presented on the site Eurovision World.

Sweden remains in first place in the ranking of bookmakers, as we have already noted - Loreen with the song Tattoo. Analysts constantly raise bets on her victory. Before the first semi-final, it was 42%, after the first semi-final it was 44% and now after the second semi-final the odds have grown to 50! We should remind you that Loreen already participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 and won then, and her contest song Euphoria is still considered one of the most popular hits in the history of the contest.

There is no change in the second position. "Silver" is predicted for the empathetic representative of Finland Käärijä and his crazy track Cha Cha Cha. They put 20% on the winner of the contestant. His score, by the way, is falling. Earlier it was 24%.

Ukraine, or rather the duet TVORCHI, which will represent it, is entrenched in third place with a coefficient of 7%. Recall that as early as May 13 Ukrainian musicians will present their number for the song dedicated to the indestructible defenders of Azovstal - Heart of Steel.

France and Spain are also in the top five with a probability of victory of 3 and 4 percent, respectively.

See the screenshot below for how the bookmakers distributed the participants:


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