The "Dynamo" legend told how his daughter, the star of the TV series "Kitchen" refused to work in Russia, where she was called to play leading roles

Oleg Kuznetsov told how his daughter Katya Kuznetsova refused to work in Russia

Popular actress Yekaterina Kuznetsova, a native of Kyiv, who viewers primarily know for her role as waitress Sasha in the sitcom "Kitchen," lived and worked in Moscow for many years, but after the full-scale invasion she severed all ties with the terrorist country. The celebrity's father, the legendary ex-defender of Dynamo Kiev, Oleg Kuznetsov, also spoke about this.

According to the famous soccer player, his daughter learned about the full-scale invasion when she was vacationing in Sri Lanka. She did not immediately believe that Russia had started dropping bombs on her native Kyiv and other peaceful Ukrainian cities. Kuznetsov told FanDay.net in more detail.

"In the beginning it wasn't easy either. We had to explain a lot of things to Katya. It's good that at that time, when the war started, she was not in Russia, but with her boyfriend in Sri Lanka. At first she couldn't believe that we were being bombed either. I remember, she was talking to her wife, then bombardment started: "Wait, Katya, it's flying over us. If it blows up, I'll call you later. Of course, Katya was panicked, she was worried about us, often called and wanted to go to Kyiv, but I did not let her go," the athlete shared.


In Russia, the actress was left with not only expensive real estate, but also many unfinished projects. She could have easily returned to Moscow and continued earning bloody rubles, but she did not, because she realized that Russia is a terrorist and aggressor.

Already after February 24, Kuznetsova began to receive both new offers and requests to return to old projects, but the actress did not agree to any of them.

"So, it's okay to be brought up. A career is a career, but you must always remain a human being. After the war began, Yuri Stoyanov and Artem Tkachenko called her. They said that without her they would not start shooting the second season of the series, they were willing to wait until she returned. But Katya refused, and then almost openly said: "Fuck you. Don't wait for me. They understood everything and found her a replacement. She also had an apartment in Moscow, but that is not the most important thing now. We'll figure it out," said Kuznetsov.

As wrote OBOZREVATEL, earlier Yekaterina Kuznetsova first told why she decided to move to Moscow in 2009. According to the celebrity, in Ukraine at that time Ukrainian artists were treated much worse than Russian ones. The budding star was able to cope with the humiliation of such inequality at first, but the situation only became more critical and critical.

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