"Sunflowers are a symbol of hope": Misha Collins showed up in front of the burned machinery and "ran into" the Russians. Photo

Residents of the aggressor country were disappointed in the star

Misha Collins, American actor and star of the TV series "Supernatural," who became the Ambassador of UNITED24 fundraising platform for "humanitarian demining", saw with his own eyes the consequences of the Russian aggression. The celebrity strolled through the center of Kyiv and showed what the "Russian world" left behind.

Collins shared the new footage on Instagram. He was photographed against a background of burned cars and anti-tank hedgehogs in the heart of the Ukrainian capital. Russians were angry about the actor's new publication, leaving many absurd comments under the post (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page) .

"Cars destroyed by Russian shelling. Sunflowers are a symbol of hope," the American captioned a series of photos. Ukrainians noted that after the visit of the Hollywood star, the residents of the neighboring country will not be able to come to their senses for a long time. They also stressed that our country is supported by the whole world, while the Russian Federation will remain "in the swamps".



Under the artist's publication, we also read the thoughts of angry Russians: "He cringes. Sold out," "Of course, it's a shame about all of this. I liked Ukraine and the Ukrainian language, I wanted to visit this country. But now I am disappointed", "Yes, it is a real shame, why do you want to get involved in politics? I don't understand!", "It's a shame to support you, Misha", "Sorry, unfollow", "Pum-pum-pum, and Misha is a fool".


By the way, Collins said he was honored to meet with Volodymyr Zelensky and help Ukraine during such a difficult time. "I'm honored to stand with the president of Ukraine and the people, but we need you to stand with us as well. People keep asking me, "What can I do?" This is something we can all do. Please help us clear civilian areas of Ukraine," he appealed to his subscribers.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported which Hollywood stars visited Ukraine during the full-scale war. They have supported our people since the first day of the Russian aggression and called on the whole world to fight against evil. To find out more details - read our material .

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