Stigma of bad taste! 4 bags that won't fit a business look. Photo.

Not all bags are suitable for a business look

Business style implies conciseness, restraint and elegance. When choosing an outfit for work or an important meeting, you need to make sure that all the details - from clothes to accessories and shoes - look appropriate. For example, the wrong choice of bag can ruin a good impression of an outfit and indicate bad taste.

There are models that are suitable for evening dresses, casual clothes or tracksuits, but go terribly well with a business suit. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you which options should never be taken to a working meeting (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Too big bags or handbags

It often happens that you have to take a laptop, a folder with papers or other massive items to work. They all need to fit in your bag so that they don't get in the way. However, the huge models that were in trend a few seasons ago are outdated and do not go well with a business look. Shoppers are an everyday version of a bag that has nothing to do with elegant style. When choosing an accessory, you should be guided by the size of an A4 sheet to fit documents in, but not to overdo it.


Soft shape

A round bag, an oval, a crescent are stylish but impractical options for a working look. Business style is based on sharp corners and straight cuts, so the bag should have a clear shape. A square or rectangle is ideal for an elegant outfit.


Excessive decor

An impulsively purchased bag with rhinestones, fur or sequins is not something that will indicate the professionalism of the interlocutor. Accessories in a business outfit should complement your clothes, not distract attention.


Everyday bag

Not everyone can afford bags for all occasions, but you should have at least one for business meetings. The thing is, the same bag wears out quickly, gets scratched and dirty, which can make you look untidy. For example, a versatile model that can be taken for a walk, carry groceries from the store, or put on the floor of a train will look inappropriate during a responsible conversation.


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