Spoil everything! Five mistakes in summer makeup that age and "cheapen". Photo

Forget about bright eyeshadows and heavy foundation for three months.

Making makeup that lasts on your face all day in the summer season is an almost unrealistic task. You've probably noticed that makeup techniques and techniques vary depending on the time of year. Some products work well in the cold, others in the hot months.

OBOZREVATEL shares important rules to make you look like a beauty queen even in +35. If a lady stops repeating the mistakes we'll tell you about below, she'll love the heat with renewed vigor (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page) .

1. Tight foundation and powder

Cosmetologists recommend using less makeup and letting your skin breathe during the summer season. Dense foundation combined with concealer and powder is the worst makeup mistake in the heat. Your skin will sweat under layers of beauty products, and you'll find rashes in the morning. If you still need to conceal imperfections, use light BB or CC creams.


2. An abundance of highlighter

The difference between the effect of wet skin and a glowing pancake on the face is great. Moreover, in summer you will sweat more often, so you can forget about the highlighter for three months. In case you are expecting an important event and you need to make evening makeup, give preference to liquid highlighters on an oil basis.


3. Bright accents in eye makeup

The variegated eye makeup in summer will look quite inappropriate. Moreover, if the bright shadows or arrows blurred, it will be very noticeable to others. That's why makeup artists recommend using more neutral shades of products in hot weather. 



4. Lack of SPF protection

Don't forget to use a high SPF cream. In summer, ultraviolet radiation has a particularly negative effect on the skin: it becomes dry and dehydrated, pigmented spots appear. By the way, many BB-creams contain components that protect the skin from the sun's rays.


5. Lack of Primer

Primer is a lifesaver for ladies in the summer season. This miracle product will "fix" the makeup and make it more resistant to heat. You will not have to worry that it will smudge.


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