Smell like a luxury hotel: how to clean your bathroom for the perfect shine and fragrance

The product does not leave scratches, and you can choose the scent yourself

The scent in the bathroom may not be a key factor in its comfort, but lying in the water with a pleasant smell around you helps you relax and relieve stress even more. In this case, it is desirable that the smell is not "chemical" but natural. By the way, you can combine room fragrance with cleaning. You just need to know how to wash the bathroom so that it smells nice afterwards.

OBOZREVATEL tells you about the recipe for such a product. To make it, you will need:

  • baking soda - 1 tablespoon;
  • dishwashing liquid - 1 glass;
  • essential oil of your choice;
  • water.

Pour a glass of boiling water over the baking soda and mix thoroughly to dissolve it. Let the mixture cool to room temperature. Then, in a spray bottle, combine it with dishwashing detergent and add a few drops of essential oil. The bottle is screwed on and shaken thoroughly to ensure that all the ingredients are mixed until smooth.

This product can be stored for a certain period of time and used as needed. In addition to cleaning the bathroom, it can be useful for maintaining the floor or other plumbing fixtures. It is enough to spray it on the surface you want to clean, leave it on for 5 minutes, wipe it off and rinse it off.

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