"Sit in the swamp you chose": traitor Maruv was "destroyed" online after changing her pseudonym. Photo

The vocalist only posts in English

Ukrainian silent singer Maruv (real name - Anna Korsun) in the midst of war in her native country decided to return to show business. She released a new song, and also showed an excerpt of a music video, in which she dramatically changed her image. The performer has worked not only on her image, but also on her pseudonym. Apparently, she does not want to remember the past, so she got rid of the old nickname.

On Instagram, Korsun told how her new track was created. Now the cheater plans to release all her compositions under the pseudonym Sharlotta Ututu. In the comments under the publication, network users not only ridiculed the incomprehensible pseudonym, but also noted that now she is not needed either in Ukraine, Russia, or, especially, in Europe (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page) .

"I wrote this song in 2019, I changed the melody twice. I re-recorded the vocals four times and I'm still not completely satisfied with the result. I can't wait to share the work with you," the traitor noted.


Outraged subscribers stressed - Anna has changed her shoes and wants to work for the European market, but she is very far from that level. She has been called a tumbleweed without a clear position or homeland.

"Traitor and nothingness," "Traitor has changed her shoes. Don't the rubles fit anymore? You should have stayed in Russia and stayed there, it would have been less embarrassing", "Good luck with your failed career", "Better not Utyu, but just Utyu and everything will be clear", "Kremlin flunky", "Who needs your slag?", "Stay in the swamp you chose", "Wake up? You got money to make? Get the hell out of here," "You'd better go to the shithole and live quietly there," the Maruv followers ranted.


By the way, Korsun does not disclose her place of residence. In July 2022, she gave birth to her firstborn, but no one also knows their sex and name. On her personal blog, the girl prefers not to respond to comments or communicate with fans.


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