"Singing about poor Russians?" The network frenzied the Swiss, who performed an "anti-war" ballad at Eurovision-2023

Remo Forrer is actively joked about online

Tuesday, May 9, the first semi-final of the international song contest Eurovision-2023 was held in Liverpool. Fifteen representatives of the participating countries took to the stage, but only 10 made it to the finals, including Remo Forrer of Switzerland. The 21-year-old vocalist performed a ballad called "Watergun", but despite the anti-war message, Ukrainians ridiculed the composition.

The artist sings about the guys who as children played war in the yard, and as adults became soldiers and were on the battlefield. OBOZREVATEL wants to tell you what the secret meaning of the song was found by network users and why the track was accepted with reproaches (to see photos and videos, scroll to the end of the page).

"As boys we played war games, with soldiers and tanks, we played hide-and-seek, we grew up dreaming of being kings. What became of us? We stand on the front lines. Where does it all lead us? I don't want to be a soldier. I don't want real blood on my hands. It's not a game anymore. I can't turn around and run away. There are no water pistols here," Remo's narrative translates.


Ukrainians were confused by several points in the song "Watergun. Switzerland is known for its neutrality during world wars. In addition, in March 2023, this country announced the disposal of decommissioned Rapier SAMs, which Ukraine needs. The British defense systems were not handed over because Switzerland has a "neutral status" that does not allow them to supply weapons.

"Switzerland, you yourself chose to ignore wars, all alliances, alliances and conflicts. And you think you can safely hang out at Eurovision with a song about neutrality? Neutrality would be not to come to Eurovision", "A Swiss who sings 'i dont want to be a soldier' is, of course, metameme, in fact", "Switzerland at Eurovision: I do not want to be a soldier, cry-pop", - read the comments of Ukrainians on Twitter.



Some users thought that Forrer was singing about the Russians who allegedly did not want to fight, but had to go to the front against their will. Some of them poked fun at the guy, saying that he sang so pathetically, as if he had asked the military enlistment office not to take him to the front.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that Croatia in the first semifinal of Eurovision-2023 sang about a "vile psychopath" and tore up the hall. The team presented its track titled Mama šč, which satirically comments on Russian aggression against Ukraine. To find out more, read our material.

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