Plus 5 centimeters to height: 5 models of skirts that make you slimmer and taller

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Delicate and feminine looks for summer 2023.

Do you want to visually look taller? It is not necessary to wear high heels. It is enough to know about the tricks in clothing. We have already written about the styles of shorts and trouser models that create the illusion of longer legs and correct the figure.

Now let's talk about skirts, which should be paid attention to. Read more in the article by OBOZREVATEL.

1. Asymmetry

The asymmetric hem was on trend in the noughties, and is back in fashion. It can be both a pleated skirt and a strict model. We advise to wear this closet piece with sandals, mules, shoes or loafers with a comfortable heel.


2. High slit skirt

The slit slightly exposes the legs and creates an additional verticality in the image, thus visually making women taller. Such a model would be appropriate for dates or walks. For the office it is better to choose more modest variants.


3. High-waisted skirt

In 2023, a low fit is in trend, but it distorts the proportions of the figure and makes it visually lower. If you want to look taller, choose high-waisted models that elongate the legs and successfully emphasize the hips. They can be styled with shorter shirts, cropped tops, blouses or t-shirts.


4. Monochrome Image

Monochrome is always a good choice. Monochrome items create a single vertical line, thanks to which they stretch the silhouette. This can be a suit or closet items in the same shades (it is easier to combine classic black or white colors). Sometimes girls even pick up shoes and accessories in the tone. However, remember that you can use them to add bright accents to the image.


5. Plisse skirt

It is one of the most versatile items in the closet. It can be combined with shirts, blouses, T-shirts, crop tops, bodysuits or even with sweaters. Plisse adds verticality to the outfit, thanks to which you get +3-5 centimeters to the height.


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