No need to sew anything: a woman shows a life hack to solve a problem with jeans. Video.

You will need adhesive tape

This year, floor-length trousers will be popular again. This is a type of tube jeans that are slightly longer than regular trousers. They can cover shoes, but should not drag on the floor. This point becomes a problem for many fashionistas, as they do not know what sneakers or boots to combine with them so as not to step on the legs.

Marly Neissa regularly shares life hacks with her followers on TikTok. The girl found a way to make her favourite jeans cover her shoes without hemming them, but not touch the floor (to see photos and videos, scroll to the end of the page).

To do this, the beauty uses adhesive tape, which she glues to the outside of the shoe to secure the legs to it. She wrote: "I use fashion tape to keep my leggings from dragging on the floor." Marly also noted that this problem was faced by all women of short stature.


During the seven-second video, Neissa demonstrated where she had stuck four small strips of sticky tape on her uggs to prevent her trousers from dragging on the ground. About 430,000 fans liked the video and 50,000 shared it online. In the comments, people thanked her for her ingenuity.


One of her followers asked if the glue would ruin her shoes and jeans. Marly replied that you should gradually remove the tape and then smooth the surface of your shoes and trousers. You should also wipe off the marks with a sponge and soapy water.

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