Nastya Korotka spoke about her sister's suicide at the age of 29 for the first time: she was very ill

Nastya Korotka talks about her sister's suicide for the first time

Famous Ukrainian actress and TV presenter Anastasia Korotka first spoke about a tragedy in her family: her sister Vlada committed suicide. At the time, she was only 29 years old, and in a month she would have celebrated her 30th birthday. According to the wife of showman Andrii Bedniakov, she had never told anyone about it before because she didn't want anyone to feel sorry for her.

Korotka's sister had serious health problems. The actress did not disclose what they were, but noted that in her youth she worked hard to provide not only for her own needs but also for the treatment of her loved one. Anastasia first spoke about the tragedy in an interview with Ramina Eskhakzai for her YouTube channel of the same name.

"My sister died a long time ago... She committed suicide. Her act showed the state I grew up in. If I got out of that state, she couldn't. She was 29 years old, she was supposed to be 30 in a month. She had a boyfriend. She lived a hard life. But it was her choice. It was already in Kyiv... She was very ill. When you get to the point where you don't want to live," said the star of the film I, You, He, She and the project Heads and Tails.

Nastya Korotka spoke about her sister's suicide at the age of 29 for the first time: she was very ill

According to the artist, at that moment she regretted that she could not find the words that could possibly have prevented her sister's suicide. The authorities sometimes said that she wanted to commit suicide, but Korotka did not believe that this could really happen. Both women had experienced a lot of hardships since childhood, but Anastasia had come out of it, unlike Vlada.

"The only thing I regretted at the time was that I couldn't find the right words, even though I supported her all the time. But then I didn't find the right words to explain to her that she shouldn't do it. Once I even had dreams that she was committing suicide. I stopped her then, but she went anyway... From time to time she said she wanted to do it, but I didn't really believe her. I didn't believe it was even possible. At the time, I was acting in "Heads and Tails". She even did it when it was convenient for me, on the day I arrived, so that I wouldn't be disrupted from filming. I mean, she even thought about it. She would have done it anyway... After 9 days, I went to the set. I didn't tell anyone, I didn't want anyone to feel sorry for me," the star said.

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