"Milky manicure" has become one of the main trends of 2023: the best ideas for fashionistas. Photo

The manicure with "milky" polish became popular

Among the world-famous beauties is gaining popularity laconic "milk" manicure, which is not surprising, because the stars often have to go out in the world in a variety of looks, and it is important that their nails match the outfits. For celebrities, as is often the case, is repeated by their fans, which made the design trendy.

It does not require much time and professional skills. OBOZREVATEL decided to show manicures loved by beauties around the world (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

There can be many variations of "milk" lacquer - from pink shades to brown undertones. They all look laconic and minimalist.



Such a design merges with the color of the nail plate and visually makes the fingers longer. Stars use trendy nail polish on nails of any shape and length.



The feature of the "milky" manicure is the beautiful streaks that shimmer in the sunlight. This design is uneven and slightly translucent, giving a natural look.



It does not need to be applied in several layers to achieve even coverage. The lacquer is not conspicuous, but it looks "rich" if you look closely at the nails.


OBOZREVATEL previously told you what design to do to make it look beautiful with any outfit. French manicure and red solid color will come in handy if you have a celebratory event and an important meeting with partners scheduled in the same week.

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