Maruv considers war a game and is looking for a better place to live: it became known about the plans of the traitor after the victory of Ukraine

The artist became a mother for the first time in July 2022

Ukrainian singer Maruv (real name: Anna Korsun), who disappeared from infospace after the start of the full-scale invasion of Russia and has still not spoken out about Russian aggression, hopes to return to Ukraine after its victory. If force majeure happens, the performer will live in Moscow or go to the UAE.

This information was told by Ukrainian blogger Bohdan Bespalov, who received an insider's report from people familiar with the singer and her husband Oleksandr. According to the source, the couple decided to wait out the war, and Korsun gave birth in Kyiv just to say after the fighting that she was not a traitor.

"She and Anya made the decision to wait out the war. They gave birth exactly in Kiev, so that if Ukraine won, they could say that they were not traitors, and they kept quiet because they cared about the safety of the baby. If they realize that it won't work out with Ukraine, they'd better go back to Moscow and start all over again. Because Maruv's contract with her label Warner Music Russia did not break, "- read the blogger.


In addition, the singer does not exclude the option of moving to the UAE. However, her lover is not sure that he can afford all the expenses, as this country is for the rich. Korsun's family friend assured: for stars, it doesn't matter where to live, the main thing is to have a stable income.


"As a last resort, you can live in the Emirates and perform for Russians. Only Korsun complained that it is very expensive to support a family here. Also Sasha stressed that his job is to take care of the family. Be it hryvnias or rubles - it does not matter. Because the most important thing in this business is stability, not to accept the rules of the game politicians. Because, in their opinion, Russia's war against Ukraine is a dirty game," Bespalov said.

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