Kings and queens of shock: top 5 Ukrainian celebrities who know how to surprise. Photo.

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Yegor Andriushyn and Valeria Lukyanova became famous for their transformations in appearance.

There are changes in appearance to which the world, frankly, is only learning to be loyal. The topics of gender reassignment surgery, men's makeup, and aesthetic plastic surgery are particularly controversial in society. Some people criticize these transformations, while others approve of them (for bold self-expression) or take a neutral position.

So, which Ukrainian celebrities have gained fame thanks to their bold experiments with their appearance (and love of shocking)? Read the article by OBOZ.UA.

1. Anastasia Pokryshchuk

Ukrainian blogger Anastasia Pokryshchuk, who "modestly" called herself "justqueen8888" on Instagram, is the owner of the largest artificial cheekbones in the world. The woman enlarged them herself by injecting fillers. What was her motivation for doing this? She considered herself inconspicuous, called herself a "crow" and a "gray mouse". After receiving Botox injections, the influencer didn't stop there: she decided to undergo liposuction and mammoplasty, and sharpened her facial features. In this way, she improved her recognition not only in her native Ukraine but also abroad.

Kings and queens of shock: top 5 Ukrainian celebrities who know how to surprise. Photo.

2. Yehor Andriushyn

Ukrainian makeup artist and blogger Yehor Andriushyn has an androgynous appearance (i.e., his facial features combine feminine and masculine). This helps him to experiment openly with different looks. The Instagram star posts both masculine makeovers and drag queen-style makeovers (he uses not only cosmetics, but also wigs and extraordinary outfits).

How did it all start? With curiosity. Yegor was creative with his own appearance: he changed his hairstyles, makeup and clothing styles. Now he is one of the most sought-after makeup artists in Ukraine. Among his clients are famous models and Ukrainian stars (such as singers Natalia Mogilevska, Zlata Ognevich, Iryna Bilyk, and Olga Tsybulska).

Kings and queens of shock: top 5 Ukrainian celebrities who know how to surprise. Photo.

3. Diva Monroe

This is a Ukrainian TV presenter, actress and singer. She is also known as "Irrepressible Monroe" or "Monritta", who was the first in Ukraine to come out as a transgender representative of show business. As a child, she realized that she was different from other boys because of her girlish habits. Unfortunately, her peers did not accept this... So, Monroe knows about childhood cruelty and bullying firsthand.

Her life changed when she was a student. She realized that she identified as a woman and dreamed of performing on stage. That's how Oleksandr Fedyaev started appearing on drag shows and became known as the Monroe Diva. Today, the star promotes free personal expression and actively defends the rights of the LGBT community in our country.

Kings and queens of shock: top 5 Ukrainian celebrities who know how to surprise. Photo.

4. Zi Faámelu (formerly Boris Aprel)

You probably remember singer Boris Apriel from the projects "Star Factory 2" and "Star Factory. Super Final". In 2014, he announced that he was a transgender girl. The singer went by the name Anna April, although she had not undergone sex reassignment surgery at the time. Then she lived in the United States for several years and returned to Ukraine with physical changes and a new name - Zianja. Since 2020, she has been Zi Famelu.

Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, it turned out that according to her documents, Zi is a "man" and also of military age (in other words, she forgot to update her gender information). Accordingly, she was not allowed to cross the border. Then the star gave interviews to several Western media outlets, where she spoke about discrimination against transgender people in Ukraine. In response, the LGBT organization KyivPride denied the allegations.

Subsequently, instead of putting her documents in order, the singer decided to circumvent the law: she left the country illegally, crossed the Danube River, and ended up in Romania, in a refugee center. Then she moved to Germany, where she was taken in by a German family. Now she is going to start her career from scratch.

Kings and queens of shock: top 5 Ukrainian celebrities who know how to surprise. Photo.

5. Valeria Lukyanova

Ukrainian blogger Valeria Lukyanova ("Odesa Barbie") knew as a child that she would frequently visit plastic surgeons. As a teenager, she began saving up for surgeries, and later lost extreme weight and went under the knife to be made to look like a live-action version of the doll. Since Valeria is a professional makeup artist, this helped her to achieve the closest resemblance to Barbie and become world famous.

During the full-scale war in Ukraine, the blogger, who is followed by almost 2 million Internet users on Instagram, ignores the terrorist shelling of her hometown (Odesa). Did she choose a neutral position? No, she didn't. She is a traitor. She actively promotes Russian websites and speaks only Russian. She believes that the war in her native country is the fault of Ukrainians, not Russian occupiers and terrorists.

Kings and queens of shock: top 5 Ukrainian celebrities who know how to surprise. Photo.

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