How to clean curtains from dust without taking them off: an easy way

The curtains accumulate a lot of dust, which should be removed in time

Curtains in the interior are not the most dirty object. Their main problem is dust. It accumulates in the fabric and can spread from it throughout the room. Therefore, the tiphack, how to clean curtains without washing, will save you both time and effort for cleaning in general.

OBOZREVATEL tells you how to easily and quickly clean curtains from dust. You don't even have to remove them from the curtain rod.

The method of racket and vacuum cleaner

The most obvious way to clean the curtain from dust seems to be a vacuum cleaner. But it sucks the fabric inside and can tear the same curtain rod. Therefore, a tennis or badminton racket will help to facilitate cleaning. It should be placed between the curtain fabric and the vacuum cleaner brush. The netting tool will keep the fabric safe while letting all the dust through.

Method with gauze

Another obstacle between the vacuum cleaner and the curtain can be ordinary gauze. Or even old women's pantyhose. To reduce the suction power, they should be wrapped around the tube of the vacuum cleaner and fixed. A thin layer of fabric will be an obstacle to the suction of the curtain fabric.

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