Five manicure options that will make wide nails graceful: the effect will pleasantly surprise. Photo

Give preference to dark and nude colors

Often girls think that manicure looks not so harmonious and beautiful on a wide nail plate. Ladies begin to complex and build nails of huge length to hide this flaw. But with the help of a certain design, you can fix the situation.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you which coating you should give up if you are the owner of a wide nail plate, and how to make your hands more graceful and delicate. We show you manicure options for every occasion (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Unsuccessful nail designs

When choosing a coating for such a nail plate, it is important to visually lengthen and narrow the nail. If you want to achieve this result, you need to give up:

1. French manicure;

2. Bright shades of nail polish;

3. Large drawings and rhinestones;

4. Horizontal gradient and ombré;

5. Matte top.


Which design will make your nails look more graceful?

1. Nude nail polish colors.

Light shades of coverage, like neon, will draw attention to the hands and expand the nail plate even more, but nude is ideal. The closer your gel polish is to your skin tone, the better.


2. Design with vertical stripes

Nail art with vertical stripes will stretch the nail plate.


3. dark and muted shades of coverage

Remember that dark color slims you down? It works both in clothes and in manicures. That doesn't mean that you should always choose "mournful" black. There are plenty of alternatives. Elegant will look manicure in burgundy, dark blue, chocolate, dark green palette.


4. Coating with a pattern in the center of the nail

If we place ornaments and patterns in the center of the nail, it will draw attention away from the border of the plate


5. A side indent of 0.5 mm.

This is one of the most working techniques to "veil" the width of the nail. However, don't overdo it so it doesn't look sloppy.


OBOZREVATEL recently reported what design to do to match any outfit and for any event. French manicure and red monochrome will help if you have a celebration and an important meeting with your partners scheduled for the same week.

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