"My ex saved my life": singer Mila Nitich on how she managed to leave Irpin at the beginning of the invasion

The singer thought she was leaving home for a few days, but returned only months later

Singer Mila Nitich, who lives in Irpin near Kyiv, shared how she managed to escape from there on the first day of the great war. The singer was taken out of the city, which was later occupied by Russian troops, by a man from whom she expected help the least.

The singer told about this in an interview with OBOZ.UA. The artist admitted that she said goodbye to her home every day afterwards, but it miraculously survived.

The artist says that she met the war in Irpin, where she had her own apartment. She considers it a miracle that she managed to leave there on February 24, "It happened due to the person from whom I expected help the least: my ex-husband. We were not in contact at the time. But he came and helped me evacuate to Khmelnytskyi to my mother."

"He saved my life, considering what happened later in the house where I lived," the singer continues. "It was almost bursting at the seams, and my apartment was miraculously saved. Almost everything that was dear to my heart - the piano and all the other things that mattered to me - remained there. I also forgot my passport, which had a ten-year American visa, at home, as I was packing so hastily. I thought I would be back in a few days, but I arrived two months later."

''My ex saved my life'': singer Mila Nitich on how she managed to leave Irpin at the beginning of the invasion

"Thank God, everything survived. But the house was destroyed. However, it can be rebuilt, and it happened. Still, people's lives cannot be returned," Nitich emphasized.

The actress also admitted that in the first month of the war she thought she would be forced to change her profession because her specialty would be in demand.

"I thought it was over. I went through all the possible options in my head. I even wanted to go to Europe to get a job, earn some money, start my own business, because I didn't have time to save my stash. I spent three years of my life paying off my apartment and only paid it off in full before the war. Almost all the money I earned went there. During the occupation, I said goodbye to my house every day, but it miraculously survived," the celebrity summarized.

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