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Confusion at royal weddings

Royal weddings are always the focus of worldwide attention, with paparazzi cameras targeting not only the blue-blooded bride and grooms, but also the couple's guests. Often at the celebrations of this scale you can see celebrities, movie stars, pop stars and sports. And although the idols of millions traditionally look "fit for purpose", sometimes they do not fit the monarch's etiquette.

OBOZREVATEL gathered top five stumbles, which made famous guests of royal couples. Today you will learn about them too.

David Beckham

In 2003, the legendary soccer player was awarded the Order of Knighthood of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth. He wore it at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011 at Westminster Abbey. The insignia on the lapel of his Ralph Lauren tails was almost perfect for the sex symbol, but even then, shrewd journalists discovered something wrong: the medal was on the right lapel, though according to etiquette it should have been placed on the left hand lapel. Probably, the detail played an important role in Beckham's reputation, so at the wedding of the Sussex couple in 2018, he preferred to come without the medal.


Victoria Beckham

The famous fashion model, former lead singer of "Spice Girl" group, David Beckham's wife Victoria, known for her bold extravagant style, made a mistake, breaking royal etiquette at the same wedding of William and Kate. Royal wedding etiquette suggests that heels should be no higher than 10 centimeters, but the celebrity decided and this time to distinguish herself from other guests: she wore bulky shoes with a huge platform in the toe part of the sole.


Catherine Kelly

In 2011, when Zara Phillips, the granddaughter of the British Queen, married rugby player Mike Tyndall, viewers were struck by the frankness and boldness of actress Catherine Kelly's outfit. Wearing a wide-brimmed yellow hat and matching it with a clutch and a dress that exposed one shoulder, she almost outshone the bride. Such a provocative style is totally out of place in the wedding protocols of the royal court.


Jacinda Barrett

Not the most popular actress, but a close friend of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, Jacinda Barrett disregarded the rules that extremely do not welcome selfies during the wedding of kings. The "Force Majeure" star succumbed to a weakness right in the middle of the day's ceremony and took to her favorite Instagram. Here she left a "storis," capturing her veil hat and delicate makeup for fans.


Troyen Bellisario

Another of Meghan's friends and fellow filmmakers, invited to the wedding at Windsor Castle, made a slip-up that was obvious even to those far removed from royal dogma. Bellisario wore a demure midi dress, matched it with a light hat with a veil, and held her husband's hand, which would have allowed her to fit perfectly into the chosen court circle. The only thing that caught her eye were the sandals that exposed her toes, an unforgivable mistake for a social outing of such high caliber.


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