Color, shape and length will tell everything: what secrets can reveal the nature of manicure and how to "read" the mood by the nails. Photo

Choose your nail shape and color responsibly

Manicure is an important part of a girl's image. The nuances of our character and mood can give away not only clothes and makeup, but also the length, shape and color of our nails. And if you think that you happen to wear red nail polish or a square shape most of the time, it is not so. Your preferences can tell a lot about you.

OBOZREVATEL shares how you can read your manicure opponent. We are sure that you almost never paid attention to these details (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page) .

How does the length of your nails characterize you?

Long nails are often chosen by girls with a heavy, capricious, finicky or even bitchy character. It's as if they show the world - look, I'm not as simple as I may seem. Such girls love epatage, glamour and luxury.

Short nails are liked to be worn by ladies who are more calm and reasonable. They value themselves and do not want to prove anything to others.


What can the shape of the nails tell about a girl?

The beauties who prefer the shape of nails "square" are guided by reason rather than feelings. They are pedantic, determined, witty.

Oval nails are often made by feminine and delicate representatives of the fair sex, who try not to go to conflict and want to reconcile the feuding.

The pointed almond is suitable for those who like to think through their every move. They spend a lot of time on their appearance and are often offended.

The "stiletto" shape is chosen by creative, emotional, creative people. It is important for them to attract attention, to surprise, to cause admiring glances.

The "ballerina" shape can say about the owner that she strives for uniqueness. Such a girl is dreamy, light, emotional and liberated.


What can the color of your manicure tell you about a lady?

White manicure indicates that you are aware of the latest trends, easy on the rise, you like to be in the center of attention and communicate with people.

Nude nails are preferred by practical, wealthy, confident women. They do not intend to draw attention to themselves, because they are clearly aware of their strengths.

Red nail polish is an eternal classic. It is applied by elegant, passionate, influential, emotional beauties. They are often impatient, in a hurry to live and treat everything with heart.

If you wear black nail polish most of the time, it means that you stand firmly on your feet, you know how to present yourself and have an inner core.

Blue on the nails gives away your courage, extravagance, creativity, the desire to be unique. Such girls feel peaceful, soulful harmony, and are not afraid to change the environment.


The lovers of yellow polish are energetic, adventurous and active. Such people seek inner harmony and know how to hide from failures and troubles.

Rich green shades like personalities with a strong will, a harmonious nature, goodwill and wisdom. They are always ready for difficulties.

Admirers of gray manicure - these are people with a high logical thinking, loving science, medicine or technology.

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