Christmas in a royal way: 5 Windsor traditions you'll want to adopt

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The titled persons give each other funny gifts for Christmas.

Kings and queens, princes and princesses, of course, are used to celebrating big events in a pompous way. With exquisite outfits, lavishly decorated tables, and an orchestra or specially invited musicians. But they also want to please their inner child! That is why they dilute the strict protocol rules with fun in the form of games or dancing.

In the OBOZ.UA article, we offer to learn about the "down-to-earth" Christmas traditions of the British royal family. It is quite possible that some of them will catch your fancy.

1. Celebrating with the family

Are you used to celebrating Christmas with your friends? But the Windsors realize that you can get together with them on any other day. The birth of Jesus Christ is an exclusively family holiday. And the royal family invites only the closest relatives: direct heirs and their spouses. For example, before her marriage, Kate Middleton, being a bride, did not receive an invitation from Queen Elizabeth II. Accordingly, after the wedding, Prince William's wife was able to become one of the guests. There are exceptions to this rule, but they are extremely rare. For example, there was still a place for Prince Harry's fiancée, Meghan Markle.

Christmas in a royal way: 5 Windsor traditions you'll want to adopt

2. Setting the table

If you have to prepare dishes for a large number of guests for Christmas, take a cue from the Windsors. Ask all the guests to bring one dish. It can be a salad, baked meat, dessert, etc. The main thing is to agree in advance who is responsible for what food.

How does this scheme work in the royal family? Some of them cook their own meals, while others delegate this task to chefs. Then everyone gathers in the banquet hall and sets the table.

Christmas in a royal way: 5 Windsor traditions you'll want to adopt

3. Street games

This is a wonderful tradition that has a positive effect on family relationships. If you don't feel like watching themed movies, try other types of recreation: ice skating, snowball fights, snowman building, board games, etc.

Every year, on December 24, on Christmas Eve, the Windsors play football. Prince Harry wears an Arsenal shirt, and Prince William wears an Aston Villa shirt. The brothers' teams are joined by relatives and staff. While the adults play, the children decorate the Christmas tree. And this important task is not entrusted to the very young. After all, crystal ornaments from the Queen Victoria era have to be hung on the Christmas tree. It would be sad if one of them accidentally broke.

Christmas in a royal way: 5 Windsor traditions you'll want to adopt

4. Funny gifts

Every year on December 26, the UK celebrates Boxing Day. This is when children and adults receive gifts from Santa Claus. But the Windsors, despite living in this country, have German roots, so they exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, December 24.

Do you know what's most interesting? The royal family doesn't buy expensive surprises, but rather funny and even absurd ones. For example, Princess Diana presented her friend Sarah with a leopard rug, and Kate Middleton made Prince Harry happy with a Grow Your Own Girlfriend toy (a doll that grows in water). Harry surpassed everyone in creativity and courage: he once presented his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, with a shower cap with the inscription "Ain't Life a B*tch!".

Christmas in a royal way: 5 Windsor traditions you'll want to adopt

5. Passive recreation

Every year at Christmas, the Windsors attend two services at St. Mary Magdalene Church (Sandringham, England). After that, it's a quiet time of family comfort. The whole family gathers at home and puts together a huge jigsaw puzzle, watches themed movies on a projector, or plays charades (similar to the games Crocodile and Alias; Elizabeth II was the best at this game).

Christmas in a royal way: 5 Windsor traditions you'll want to adopt

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