Always current: 5 models of summer dresses that were worn in the twentieth century, and in trends today. Photo images

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Bright images with dresses for summer 2023.

You can cheat - not to update every summer closet. To do this, it's worth "stocking up" on dresses that have been relevant for decades. For example, outfits in lingerie style in the 50's wore Marilyn Monroe, and today - Haley Bieber, Kendall Jenner and not only.

We've prepared a selection of dresses that will be on trend for a long time to come. Read more about them in the article by OBOZREVATEL.

1. Combination dress

This model can easily be combined with sneakers or sneakers as well as with sandals and pumps. If you have a dress in a neutral palette, feel free to opt for bright shades - fuchsia, emerald, yellow and so on. All of these colors will be needed in 2023 as well as 5-10 years from now.


2. Shirt Dress

The classic long shirt dress is an extremely versatile piece. It can be worn with a sweater, cardigan or vest, classic or oversize jacket, with pants to match and a scarf instead of a belt. Complete the outfit with accent jewelry and handbag.


3. Tea dress

A tea dress is a dress made of lightweight materials with a slightly fitted silhouette. It has different sleeves: from long to flirty petals. A pair of sneakers, minimalistic sandals, loafers or mules will fit here successfully.


4. Sarafan

A summer sundress made of natural light fabrics (linen, cotton, sateen, etc.) will be perfect. If you have a model in the style of the 60's of dense material, it will be appropriate for cool weather, and successfully combined with a T-shirt or longsleeve.


5. Laconic knitted models

Knitted dresses will be needed not only in autumn and winter. There are models made of thin material, such as polo or silhouette dresses. They are ideal in a light chill or for morning walks. They can be worn with sandals as well as with pumps or loafers.


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