Already twice as much: bookmakers increase Ukraine's chances of winning Eurovision 2024

Ukraine holds the first place in the bookmakers' rating

Following the announcement of the results of the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, according to which Jerry Heil and alyona alyona will go to Malmö, Sweden, Ukraine's chances of winning the contest are rapidly increasing in the bookmakers' rankings. Before the selection, on February 2, analysts estimated the probability of our country's victory at 12%. After that, on February 4, this figure increased to 16%. And now, on February 6, the corresponding coefficient has risen to 18%.

Currently, Ukraine is a confident leader in the bookmakers' list. The second place, which belongs to the United Kingdom, is two times behind us. The corresponding rating is available on the Eurovision World website.

Thus, bookmakers are currently predicting that our country will win with a probability of 18%. It is worth noting that Ukraine is one of the few participants in Eurovision 2024 that has already decided on its representative, so the rating may change with the announcement of the winners of the National Qualifiers in other countries. However, Jerry Heil and alyona alyona with their track Teresa & Maria have won the favor of not only bookmakers but also thousands of Euro fans around the world. The video of the singers from their winning performance at the National Selection, which has already been posted on the official website of the international contest, has received many fascinating comments: foreigners predict Ukraine's victory and assure that they will vote for us.

As we mentioned above, the United Kingdom is next on the list. Bookmakers estimate its chances of winning at 9%, which is half as much as Ukraine's. This year, Britain will be represented by singer Olly Alexander. However, his entry song has not yet been released.

Italy rounds out the top three with a 7% coefficient. Iceland is still in fourth place, with 6% of the odds on its victory. Interestingly, back in the 20s of January, this country was an outsider, ranking 20th in the bookmakers' rating. The top 5 also includes Israel (5%), the participation of which remains in question due to protests by some broadcasters.

Sweden, the current winner of the contest, is ranked below with 5% odds. Next is Ireland (3%), which has also decided on its representative. The country will be represented by Bambie Thug, a non-binary person (identify as neither male nor female). They will perform in Malmö with the song Doomsday Blue.

Croatia, Norway, and Switzerland are also in the top ten. All of them have bookmakers' odds of 3%.

Already twice as much: bookmakers increase Ukraine's chances of winning Eurovision 2024

As for Norway, it will be represented by Gåte, a band that performs Norwegian folk music combined with metal and electronics, with the track Ulveham.

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