A famous Russian actress fled to France and called Russians "drunken and uneducated beggars": I was born on the bottom

Troyanova spoke out about the war and the Russians

Famous Russian actress Yana Troyanova fled Russia to France in 2022, when she finished shooting for the Russian series "Olga". The reason for this action was the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine, which the star does not support.

Troyanova gave a frank interview to the Russian blogger Yuri Dud, in which she called the Russians "drunken and uneducated beggars." This is her explanation for the fact that her fellow citizens have not yet taken a stand against the terrorist regime (to see pictures and videos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Troyanova left the Russian Federation on October 15, 2022. She flew to Istanbul for two days, after which she went to France. In order to obtain a visa, the French embassy asked her to confirm that she had fought against Putin's regime.

According to the actress, she could have been arrested in Russia for her anti-war stance. In Paris, Troyanova met with Ukrainians who asked why Russians support dictator Putin.


"That's what I talk to Ukrainians in France about. I have to tell them. It's not a secret. First, Putin steals from these people so that they become beggars. It's very hard to survive when you have no money, and it's very hard to love your children when you have to puzzle over what to eat and booze," the Russian woman began.

She said that many Russians depend on alcohol and have no opportunity for education, so they are not interested in what is happening in Russia.

"This poverty is obscured by propaganda. Television is completely given over to propaganda... People are out there surviving. I was born at the bottom and I know how the bulk of the population of our country lives. It's not life, it's a constant struggle. You're in hell. You find something to eat for the day, and you also have to get the kids ready for school, and here your parents are elderly. And everyone is sick, everyone stinks. And it's all in hell", - said the actress.

Despite this, she dreams of returning to Russia and rebuilding it. Troyanova said that Russians should compensate Ukraine for their losses and ask for forgiveness, but not expect Ukrainians to forgive them.

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