Oleksiy Zavgorodnyi (Positive)

Oleksiy Zavgorodnyi (Positive)

Ukrainian singer
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Short biography

Oleksiy Zavgorodnyi (stage name: Pozitiv) is a Ukrainian singer, sings in the duet "Time and Glass".

Brief biography

Alexey Zavgorodny was born in Kiev, May 19, 1989.

Oleksiy Zavgorodnyi received his higher education at the Kiev Children's Academy of Arts.

Zavgorodny began his career in show business at the age of eleven, working with the famous Ukrainian singer and producer Alexey Potapenko (stage name: Potap).

In 2004 Oleksiy Zavgorodnyi joined the musical collective New'z'cool, with whom he recorded his first album "School, Bones, Rap", which was released in 2006.

In 2010th year, Alexey Zavgorodniy became a member of the duet "Time and Glass", in the format of which he sings together with Nadia Dorofeeva.

In 2017, Positive joined another collective created by Potap - the group "Mozgi", for which he writes songs and music.

Pozitiv's tours in Russia

In 2014, Pozitiv together with Nadia Dorofeeva performed at an event dedicated to the birthday of Russian President Vladimir Putin, for which they were awarded orders in 2015.

In addition, despite the annexation of Crimea and the armed invasion of Donbass, the group "Time and Glass" still gives concerts in the Russian Federation.

The loudest scandal associated with the name of Pozitiv, broke out in 2018, when the singer at a concert in Anapa, in the children's camp "Smena", called Russia "his country".

"Voice. Dity."

In the fifth season of the show "The Voice. Dity", Pozitiv together with Nadia Dorofeeva, DZIDZIO and Jamala made up the jury of star coaches.

Pozitiv's songs

According to listeners and critics, the best songs of Pozitiv, these are:

  • "Malibu".

  • "E,Boy".

  • "On style".

  • "Polyube".

  • "Atatya."

  • "Ayabo."

  • "Love Dot No."

  • "Take it away."

Personal life

The singer is married. Pozitiv's wife is Anna Andreychuk.

Activity in the network

  • Facebook. Pozitiv's Facebook page is subscribed by 8 thousand people.

  • Twitter. Positive's account in the social network Twitter already has 13 thousand readers.

  • Instagram. Almost 610 thousand users follow the appearance of fresh photos of Pozitiv in Instagram .

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