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Oleg Gazmanov

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There is no contradiction in our subtitle at all. Do not believe me? Read and decide for yourself. Oleg was born in Kaliningrad. There were many dangerous toys for boys in the post-war city: ammunition, grenades, shells. About half of his friends were blown up by these military "souvenirs". The boys also played "bungee jumping. Once it broke over Olezha, and only by a miracle and resourcefulness did not allow the boy to hit a metal pin. The scar, however, remained forever.

Oleg had a small congenital heart defect, and heavy loads were contraindicated to him, but... In fifth grade, he became seriously interested in gymnastics. Gazmanov's flexibility and mobility were recognized: at 21, he became the champion of the Armed Forces of the USSR in gymnastics. Once, having lost count of the twisted somersaults, Oleg went for a third. The result was a hard landing on his shoulder blades, losing consciousness. The next day my training session began with the same infamous somersault. Another accident occurred. While spinning on the "sun" bar, his hand brake snapped, his arm got tangled, as a result - a heavy knee blow and a broken periosteum.

After graduating from sea school as a refrigeration engineer, on his first voyage, his trawler was caught in a ten-point storm in the North Sea. Several Icelandic vessels sank during this storm... There was another sea adventure, this time in the Black Sea, near Anapa. A company of 12 people were out cruising on a boat. They made a "pause" a few hundred meters from the shore. Oleg felt the urge to swim and without warning jumped overboard. At that time his friends decided to return to the base. Nobody heard Gazmanov's cries. He had no choice but to swim toward the visible lights. After a while, something big came up next to him. He recovered from the shock and saw a huge dolphin. Oleg grabbed its fin, and fairly quickly found himself on shore.

Gazmanov's adventures continued on stage. During a performance in "Artek", the microphone, which he grabbed, for some reason was electrocuted. There was no fainting, but the "blackout" still happened. In 1998, during a TV-6 shooting, part of a wooden set fell on the singer's head. At first, he did not pay any attention to this and went on tour. But soon, due to a sharp deterioration of his health, he had to return to Moscow and go to the hospital.

Among the variety of beau monde Gazmanov is known as a lucky man for another reason. He is the only one who has a dacha within Moscow, in Sosnovy Bor. True, not everyone knows that the cottage is not his property, he only rents it. Nevertheless, he made it "look decent": the house was completely reconstructed, a banya was built, and the garden was landscaped. Now this two-storey mansion houses, among other things, a professional studio, where Oleg records his songs. The living room is a collection of overcoats, sabers and carbines.

Gazmanov - a very democratic "star. In contrast to the "bunny" of Russian pop (better known as the former husband of the diva), who without his muzzles afraid to make a step, Oleg is very accessible. However, questions about his personal life Gazmanov strongly avoided.

Gazmanov never smoked. For alcohol refers to calmly: "I am interesting to live without doping. And to keep a good shape, not necessarily to limit yourself in food. The main thing is not to eat too much at night. You have to sweat at least once a day!". He makes his own kebabs or grills for friends who come to visit. The only food restriction he has is that he does not use salt at all, replacing it with soy sauce.

"It is considered necessary for stars to go out in an eight-door limousine with a chauffeur dressed in livery, but I do not want to be a star in this sense, I like to drive myself. Driving expends my nervous energy and calms me down. Historically, man represented the warrior, the hunter, and the horse was an extension of him, And this centaur moved faster. Then the horse gave way to the automobile. So it should be treated as a means to feel faster, stronger, and therefore more free. A woman behind the wheel looks very sexy. Although there is a danger that when the lady you like gets out of the car, she may have crooked legs...

A birthday party is one of the days in life. If I'm lucky, we get together with my friends. In principle, I sometimes even forget that it's my birthday, just create a pleasant atmosphere, I'm in a good mood - that's all: no more and no less".

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