Oksana Bilozir

Oksana Bilozir

Ukrainian singer and politician
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Short biography

Oksana Bilozir is a Ukrainian singer and politician.

A brief biography

Oksana Bilozir was born in the village of Smyga, Rivne region, on May 30, 1957.

Professional education she received in Lvov musical school, which she graduated from in 1976, and later - in 1981 - in Lvov Conservatory, where Oksana Bilozir was trained as a choral conductor.

From 1996 to 1998 she was a lecturer, first at Kyiv College of Art, then at Kyiv Institute of Culture and later at Kyiv University of Culture where she became an Associate Professor (and since 2003 - a Professor).

Since 1999 after graduation from the Ukrainian Diplomatic Academy Oksana Bilozir has been the People's Ambassador of Ukraine.

In 2004, she was elected People's Deputy of Ukraine. In the Verkhovna Rada, she represented the Our Ukraine faction.

In 2005 Oksana Bilozir was the Minister of Culture of Ukraine.

In 2014, she took an active part in volunteer movement in Ukraine, which flared up after the beginning of the Ukrainian-Russian war in Donbas. She took on the role of negotiator, together with the Security Service of Ukraine was engaged in the search for Ukrainian prisoners of war and negotiations on their exchange.

In 2016, Oksana Bilozir again became a member of the Ukrainian Parliament from the BPP.

Oksana Bilozir's songs

In total on the account of Oksana Bilozir - fifteen CDs, one DVD and ten musical films. The singer recorded seven albums, which in the course of time gained a huge popularity on the Internet and today you can download songs by Oksana Bilozir on a great number of resources.

The most popular songs by Oksana Bilozir are considered:

  • "Ukrainochka".

  • "Listopad",

  • "Svicha".

  • "Gorobina nich".

Personal life

Oksana Bilozir's first husband, the famous Ukrainian singer Igor Bilozir, was killed in 2000.

The second time Oksana Bilozir married Roman Nedzelsky, the director of the Palace "Ukraine".

Oksana Bilozir has two children - Andriy and Yaroslav. In addition, she is the godmother of two children of Petro Poroshenko.

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