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Full name: Nicole Mary Kidman.

Although most of Nicole Kidman's fans believe that she is originally from Australia, the actress was actually born in Hawaii (which is in the United States), in Honolulu. Her father, a biochemist by profession at the time was engaged in various studies in the U.S. and the next few years after the birth of his daughter, the family spent in Washington. However, when the work was completed, Nicole's parents decided to return home to Australia.

Already in childhood, Nicole showed creative abilities - from the age of 3, she studied ballet, took music lessons, and by 10 years of age began attending drama school, after which she began playing in youth theaters.

At the age of 14 years old Nicole made her debut on television, followed by several television movies and TV series, of which the miniseries "Vietnam" and "Bangkok Hilton", well-known to Russian audiences, brought her the greatest popularity in Australia.

The next big success of the actress can be considered a tape Phillip Noyce's "Dead Calm" / Dead Calm, 1989 / after which Nicole was finally noticed in Hollywood - directed by Tony Scott invited her to the role of lover of Tom Cruise in the painting "Days of Thunder" / Days of Thunder, 1990 /. He probably did not know that this love will migrate smoothly from the screen to life and end with the wedding of the actors. Two years later, Tom and Nicole again appeared together in the movie "Far and away" / Far and away, 1992 / which, unfortunately, did not meet the expectations of its creators.

For a long time, critics have refused to take Nicole seriously, but they had to change their minds after the picture Gus Van Sant '/To Die For, 1995/ and "Portrait of a Lady" /The Portrait of a Lady, 1996/, in which Kidman has demonstrated her brilliant acting skills.

But Nicole decided not to dwell on the "intellectual" movie and starred in 1997 with George Clooney in the action movie "The Peacemaker" / The Peacemaker, 1997 / and with Sandra Bullock in the romantic film "Practical Magic" / Practical Magic, 1998 /. These films were not a great success with audiences, much more attention has attracted the return of the actress to the theatrical stage. The play "The Blue Room", in which Nicole played several roles, one of which contained scenes where the actress had to appear before the audience completely naked, with sold-out performances at theaters in London and New York and received very good reviews from critics.

The real test of family ties Cruise-Kidman was shooting the pair in the psychological drama of Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" / Eyes Wide Shut, 1999 / - for over a year, the actors were subjected to heavy pressure from the director - developing roles, Kubrick conducted long discussions with both Nicole and her husband. After some time, the line between on-screen relationships and reality began to blur and everything that was experienced on the screen characters were allowed to pass through itself and the actors. As a result, one of the most outwardly prosperous Hollywood marriages, which served as an example to others for more than 10 years, cracked. In 2000, Nicole began filming the film Baz Luhrmann's "Moulin Rouge", which took place in her homeland - Australia, and on her return to the U.S. filed for divorce.

Ironically, after the breakup with Cruise, Nicole's career skyrocketed. "Moulin Rouge" in which the actress has proved to the world that in addition to acting talent and has outstanding vocal abilities, has collected a good box office around the world and brought the actress a nomination for "Oscar" - good luck turned away from her, but it did not prevent her to get another, no less prestigious award - the "Golden Globe" in the category of best actress. This award was the starting point in a streak of success, which continues with the actress to this day. So, in the same year, 2002 Kidman was also nominated for a Golden Globe for the thriller "The Others" by Alejandro Amenabar.

A year later, the shelf appeared at the actress another "Globe" - this time for the drama "The Hours," for which the actress had to go to a serious correction of his appearance. This work has not gone unnoticed and American academics, marked Kidman "Oscar" in the category "Best Actress".

Released in 2004 and 2005, the war drama "Cold Mountain" by Anthony Minghella and the drama "Birth" brought Nicole a nomination for the "Golden Globe", but this time she failed to win an award.

In general, I must say that the last five years stood out at the actress incredibly fruitful - she managed to play major roles in more than 10 films, which scattered was also very broad - from the simple comedy type Stepford Wives and recently released on the screens "The Sorceress" to the festival "Dogville" by Lars von Trier - a bold auteur project, one of the favorites at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003, proving that Kidman is not afraid to experiment and not fixated on Hollywood cinema. Another, not very successful experiment was the controversial drama "The Birth," which became scandalously famous for its development of a love line between Kidman's heroine and a 10-year-old boy who claims to be the reincarnation of Kidman's deceased husband and as a result of fatal doubts in her soul.

Similar plot twists can't boast either "The Stepford Wives" or "The Witch", which are just remakes of American classics, and therefore have only one goal - to collect at the U.S. box office as much money as possible.

A successful compromise between commercial and creative components can be considered a political thriller by Sidney Pollack's "The Interpreter" - a great acting duo Kidman-Penn, coupled with a well-padded plot and talented direction - 160 million dollars at the worldwide box office and very positive reviews from critics.

She played in the film "Dark Beginnings: The Golden Compass" (2007).

Kidman also starred in "Invasion" by German director Oliver Hirschbigel, a sci-fi thriller about an epidemic of extraterrestrial origin (the film was originally supposed to be a remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," but then it was decided to shoot the original story). Invasion" also stars Daniel Craig and Veronica Cartwright.

Nicole Kidman played along with Nicolas Cage in a thriller by Joel Schumacher - "What Lies Hid": the picture tells about a married couple, which was taken hostage by a group of bandits.The world premiere of the film took place September 14, 2011 at the Toronto Film Festival, December 8 - in Russian box office.

Future projects

TV Guide said in June 2010 that Nicole will play along with Clive Owen in a television movie studio HBO, telling the story of the novel by Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn. The film's working title is "Hemingway and Gellhorn." Place director will take Philip Kaufman, shooting began in February 2011.Picture premiere is scheduled for 2012.

Back in 2008, TV Guide magazine reported that Kidman will play a major role in the film "The Danish Girl" - film adaptation of the novel of the same name, which tells about Einar Wegener - the first transsexual who underwent surgery to change the sex.At various times it was assumed that the role of Wegener's wife would be played by Charlize Theron or Naomi Watts. It's unclear what stage the project is in, but Kidman is still listed for it.


In January 2005, the actress met Australian singer Keith Urban; the couple married on June 25, 2006 in Sydney, Australia. On July 7, 2008, the couple had a daughter in Nashville. She was named Sanday Rose Kidman-Urbana. On December 28, 2010, the couple had their second daughter, Faith Margaret Kidman-Urbana; the girl was carried and born by a surrogate mother, but she is the biological daughter of Kidman and Urban.

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