Natasha Koroleva

Natasha Koroleva

Ukrainian singer
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Short biography

Natasha Koroleva is a Ukrainian singer.

Brief Biography

Natasha Koroleva was born in Kiev, May 31, 1973.

Koroleva made her first appearance on the stage when she was three years old singing with the Ukrainian Children's Choir.

When she was twelve years old Natasha Koroleva recorded her first full length songs. They were "The World without Miracles" and "Where the Circus Has Gone" written by Vladimir Bystryakov.

At the age of fourteen Koroleva for the first time appeared on TV, taking part in the shooting of the program "Shire of the Circle".

From 1988 to 1991 Koroleva was involved in her education, studying singing at the Kiev Variety and Circus School.

In 1989 Koroleva successfully toured the United States, and after the tour she auditioned for Igor Nikolaev - and again successfully.

In 1990, Koroleva premiered her first song written by Igor Nikolaev: "Yellow Tulips" made the singer a star of the Soviet Union.

After that Natasha Koroleva toured all over the world - from Israel to Germany.

She took part in various TV projects, including Ukrainian and Russian "Dancing with the Stars","Give Yourself Life", "Dinner Time" and"Queen of Prime".

Natasha Koroleva started up her own business - since 2008 she worked in the sphere of jewelry design, and in 2009 and 2011 Natasha Koroleva opened her own beauty salon in Moscow.

Intimate photos of Natasha Koroleva

The scandal with photos of naked Natasha Koroleva and the most real "home porn" of Natasha Koroleva and Sergei Glushko, broke out in 2015, when photos and videos were published online.

Natasha Koroleva and politics

In 2003, Natasha Koroleva joined Vladimir Putin'sUnited Russia party.

Natasha Koroleva claimed to have taken part in the Revolution of Dignity, providing food and medicine to protesters.

In 2016, the Security Service of Ukraine banned Natasha Koroleva from entering Ukraine for five years.

Natasha Koroleva's songs.

In total, Koroleva released ten albums and recorded thirty singles. In addition, fifty-eight music videos were filmed for her songs.

Personal life

Natasha Koroleva'sfirst husband is the singer and composer Igor Nikolaev. In marriage with him, the singer lived from 1992 to 2001.

The second husband of Natasha Koroleva - Sergei Glushko (creative pseudonym: Tarzan).

Natasha Koroleva has a son, Arkhip. The child was born in 2002, although rumors that Natasha Koroleva is pregnant were circulating in the media even during her marriage to Igor Nikolayev.

Network activity

Not counting Facebook and Twitter, Natasha Koroleva most actively uses Instagram. Her Instagram page, where Natasha Koroleva publishes fresh photos and photo shoots, is subscribed by over a million users.

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