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MONATIK (Dmitry Sergeevich Monatik) is a Ukrainian singer, dancer, composer and songwriter. Age - 33 years. Marital status - married, has two sons. He is a lawyer by education.

In addition to a rapid song career, Monatik is also known as a participant of talent shows and dance projects "X-Factor", "Everybody Dance", "Star Ring".

Dmitry Monatik was a judge of the project "Dance Everybody", as well as a star coach in the project "Voice. Kids" in 2016 and 2017 and in 2019 a coach in the show "The Voice of the country".

MONATIK: albums, songs

  • 2013 - debut album "S.S.D." (Soundtrack of Today). The album included 13 songs.

  • 2016 - album "Sounds", consisted of 11 songs.

MONATIK: nominations and awards

The singer since 2014 received five times M1 Music Awards, two times YUNA award, "Teletriumph" award, was awarded in two nominations of Elle Digital Awards, and won in one of the nominations "VIVA! The Most Beautiful."

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'We need to concentrate on something.' MONATIK says he has no hatred for all Russians

"We need to concentrate on something." MONATIK says he has no hatred for all Russians

The artist wants to spend his strength and energy on his love for Ukraine