Misha Collins

Misha Collins

American actor and director
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Short biography

MishaCollins is an American actor and director.

Brief biography

Misha Collins' real name is Dimitri Tippens Krashnik and he was born on August 20, 1974 in Boston (USA).

He was given the name Misha by his mother, after a man who courted her during a trip to Russia during his student years. As for the real surname - Krashnik - as the actor admits - its origin remains unknown, but may have Ukrainian, Polish or Russian roots. The last six generations of Krashnikovs lived in Canada.

Misha's childhood passed almost in poverty. His family moved frequently, so he changed schools every year. In 1992, he graduated from Northfield High School, after which he worked as a producer and creative specialist in creating advertising slogans, texts and articles on TV shows.

Subsequently, he dreamed of getting into politics and even interned in the White House during the presidency of Bill Clinton. However, he eventually gave up his dream of politics in favor of an acting career.

Collins studied at the University of Chicago, and later spent several months in Nepal and Tibet, secluded in a monastery.

His most famous acting work was his role as the angel Castiel in the television series Supernatural, which was released from 2008 to 2020. In addition, he starred in other popular television series.

War in Ukraine

Misha Collins in 2022 was one of many global stars who supported Ukraine after Russia's full-scale invasion began.

In May 2023, he became an ambassador for the United 24 platform. That same month, he visited Kiev, as well as other cities destroyed by Russian occupiers.

In May 2024, the actor traveled to Kiev again.

Personal life

Misha Collins was married. Together with his wife Victoria Vantoch had a daughter and a son.

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