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Miley Cyrus has a big day today - she will finally become an adult (though, she celebrated last weekend). On November 23, one of the most popular and richest young singers and actresses in the world turns 18.

At birth (and today's birthday girl was born in Nashville, to the family of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus), the future star was named Destiny Hope - her parents apparently planned for their daughter to "storm" show business. The "assault" began early. Since childhood, Miley (this, by the way, is a nickname derived from Smiley, that is, smiley; recently Cyrus officially changed her name to Miley Ray) was very active, toured with her father and dreamed of an artistic career. In 2003, a young Miley has already made her film debut - in the film "Big Fish" by Tim Burton. In the credits, she, by the way, is listed as Destiny Cyrus.

Then there were roles in a couple of TV series, well, in 2006, Miley was invited to the show "Hannah Montana", which made her famous. In addition to Miley, Taylor Momsen was considered for a role in the series, but, as we now know, she was destined to become the star of another project.

So, in 2006, Disney launched "Hannah Montana" - a series about a girl Miley Stewart, who by day leads an ordinary life, and in the evenings reincarnated in the pop princess Hannah Montana. And the fact that Miley and Hannah are the same person is known only to a few people closest to the girl. By the way, Miley's father Billy Ray also played on the show.

Most of the songs on the series were sung by Miley herself - thus "Hannah Montana" marked the beginning of the girl's singing career.

By 2007 her first solo album was ready; it was half of the songs from the show. The other half was music that had nothing to do with the show.

Hannah Montana grew out of the TV series into a much larger project. Under the "aegis" of the show, in addition to the CD, a full-length film was released, which, in fact, was called "Hannah Montana: The Movie". It is the story of how Hannah's popularity takes over her ordinary life and how her father takes her back to her native Tennessee to decide what is more important for his daughter after all.

For Miley herself, it was clear that career was most important. She had even announced last spring that she had no intention of going to college just yet. Work was everything. That's why Miley and works hard - records discs, performs (and not in the image of a schoolgirl, now Cyrus prefers a more relaxed and even sexy way), shoots movies, makes good money and even allows herself to be capricious.

Speaking of whimsy. There are rumors that Miley might repeat Lindsay Lohan's fate - they say, the girl got out of touch with her family. However, we'll see. Meanwhile, this year a movie "The Last Song" starring Miley was released. Also this year Cyrus had time to work with Demi Moore - they co-starred in the movie "Loud Laugh", which will be released in 2011.

In addition to the public, Miley also has a very bright personal life. She dated Nick Jonas from Jonas Brothers (now the guys are just friends), then - with the singer Justin Gaston, then - with Australian actor Liam Hemsworth (her partner on "The Last Song"). Now we can see Miley making out with Kevin Zegers in a clip of the team Rock Mafia.

All in all, Miley, even though she's barely 18, has been living the lifestyle of a superstar badass for several years now. Let's see where this leads, and whether Miss Cyrus manages to maintain her youthful success.

By the way, besides Miley herself, it is interesting to follow the fate of her younger sister Noah Cyrus. Her parents are also trying to make a star out of her.
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