Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

The famous Formula 1 driver
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Short biography

Michael Schumacher is a racing driver, one of the most successful Formula One drivers.

Date and place of birth

Michael Schumacher was born on 3 January 1969 in Hürth-Hermülheim, Germany.

Career as a racing driver

Michael Schumacher first sat behind the wheel of a car when he was four years old. He had this opportunity thanks to the work of his father, who ran the city's karting circuit.

Schumacher's biography as a racer originates from the time when he was 10 years old. At that age, he began winning plaques and medals at city and regional kart racing championships. At first it was a hobby, which later grew into a profession.

Already at the age of 14 Michael received his racing license. It gave him the right to compete at world level.

The start of Schumacher's professional career can be considered as 1984-1987 years. It was during this period that the young racer gets a number of victories in European and German competitions "Formula Kenning". Subsequently, the athlete received the title of champion in "Formula 3".

Michael Schumacher Formula One

Michael Schumacher first competed in Formula One at the Belgian Grand Prix, in 1991. At the first race he showed an excellent result, qualifying seventh in the race.

His first Formula One victory again at the Belgian Grand Prix was in 1992. Then Schumacher finished the championship in 3rd place.

In 1996 Michael agrees to cooperate with Ferrari and signs a contract to participate in races on their cars. And two years later the pilot won second place in the race cars McLaren.

Total during his career Schumacher managed to become a record holder for the number of championship titles in Formula 1. He became the winner of the racing series seven times. In addition, the German racer holds records for race wins (91), fastest laps (77) and the number of wins in a single season (13).

Michael Schumacher: the end of his career

In 2006, already seven times world champion in Formula 1 Michael Schumacher announced that he was retiring.

And in July 2009 the Ferrari team announced that the star was returning and would take part in motorcycle racing. At the European Grand Prix, Michael was to replace the injured Felipe Massa. But while testing the bike got a neck injury and refused to race.

Total in the account of Michael - about a hundred victories, titles, leadership positions and tens of thousands of kilometers, which made him famous all over the world as a racer.

Personal life of Michael Schumacher

In 1997, Michael Schumacher married Corinne Betch. The couple brings up two children in their marriage - daughter Gina-Maria and son Mick.

Michael Schumacher: injury, coma, treatment

In 2013, while skiing at a resort in the Alps, the athlete suffered a serious head injury - due to hitting rocks. After that he underwent surgery, and for a long time was in a coma.

In the summer of 2014, it became known that Schumacher came out of the coma. He has been undergoing the process of rehabilitation from the injury for the past few years, but his family has not disclosed information about his health status.

In the winter of 2018, it was reported that Michael was already breathing on his own and could move around.

In the early fall of 2019, information appeared in the media about Schumacher's hospitalization for certain procedures. According to journalists, the racer was given a blood transfusion with the addition of stem cells. Such treatment should favorably affect Michael's body, in particular his brain.

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